Sinabis Analytics Inspector

With our powerful took combined with a provided hardware, you are able to take a closer look at your data.

  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging
  • Automated Topic Modeling
  • Communication Networks
  • Transkribing audio to text
  • Integrated translator for EN/FR/NL
  • Export results with metadata

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SAE - Sinabis Analytics Explorer

We created a free tool called "SAE" that makes it possible to take a live view at data from external drives.


  • Connect external storage media
  • Indexing file structures
  • Internal viewer component
  • Creates thumbnails of media
  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging

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SWB - Sinabis Write Blocker

We produce our own Writeblocker to make sure your data is transfered safe.


  • Hardware Writeblocker
  • Supports 3,5" Storage Media
  • Supports 2,5" Storage Media
  • Internal Cooling
  • USB 3.0
  • External Power Supply

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