Sinabis Analytics GmbH

"we purify data"

Our Service:
We are a forensics service provider that transforms your unstructured data (PDF, e-mail, etc.) into an analyzable form.

No matter what type and amount of data you provide, we will be able to process it. We will deliver the processed data to you on a device with our own software, which will allow you to analyze it without any technical expertise.

We purify data

The Sinabis Analytics GmbH provides services all around processing, exploring and analysing big data.

We have built our own software to process and transform the given data into a structured database where you can provide all known researches in your own datalake.

To access the structured data, we provide you with pre-configured Laptops and our tool called "Sinabis Analytics Inspector".

We also build our own Hardware WriteBlocker to gather information from hard drives and USB Devices.




Most of the tools that we use to process and transform data, we made on our own. We also created our platform SAI, which makes it easy to analyse data.


process / transform

We process and transform raw bits and bytes with attached metadata into analysable data. These steps are essential for forensic data analysing.



The customer decides in which way and how deep we should do the analysing of given data. We also provide the Sinabis Analytics Inspector with special hardware if you want to analyse by yourself.



We are always transparent in what we do and how we do it. Documentation is the key to traceability. Our forensic report is of course also usable in court and fulfills the most recent forensic standards.


Sinabis Analytics GmbH

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