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Our Expertise

The process of transforming raw data into an analyzable form is crucial for gaining insights and making informed decisions. This process involves several steps, including data cleaning, data transformation, and data visualization. The goal is to take the raw data and make it readable, so that it can be easily understood and analyzed. Once the data has been cleaned and transformed with our sinabis data processing pipeline, it can be analyzed using data visualization tools like Sinabis Analytics Inspector. We assist you to create reports, charts, and graphs that help to highlight patterns and trends in the data. By presenting the data in a visual and concise manner, it becomes easier to understand and draw conclusions from it.

Sinabis Data Processing Pipeline

The Sinabis Data Processing Pipeline transforms and processes raw data into a structured and analyzable form. The pipeline includes several key stages, including data extraction, data cleaning, data transformation, and data visualization. The goal of the pipeline is to take raw, unstructured data and convert it into a format that can be easily analyzed and understood.

  • Raw Data

    Information received in any format, without restrictions or predefined structure.

  • Data Processing

    Our processing pipeline is custom-built in-house, tailored specifically to convert diverse formats of raw data into analyzable forms.

  • Analysis

    Our output involves either crafting detailed reports or providing clients with access to our Sinabis Analytics Inspector on our custom built hardware, enabling them to independently examine and interpret the processed data.

  • Sinabis Analytics Inspector

    With our analysis tool, clients gain the ability to dive deep into their processed data, uncovering insights and patterns that drive informed decision-making.

  • Made in Germany

    With our own software suite, we ensure a unique and tailored solution for analyzing data across various formats.

  • Report

    You can easily export summaries containing hash values, among other critical data points, ensuring comprehensive and secure data analysis.

Elevate your insights with the Online Demo of our Sinabis Analytics Inspector


Sinabis Analytics Inspector

fast, accurate, and easy to use
  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging
  • Automated Topic Modeling
  • Communication Networks
  • Transcribing audio to text
  • Integrated translator
  • Export results with metadata

Sinabis Analytics Explorer

robust and user-friendly
  • Connect external storage media
  • Browse forensic container formats (AD1 / E01)
  • Indexing file structures
  • Internal viewer component
  • Creates thumbnails of media
  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging


Sinabis Writeblocker

explore our hardware collection
  • Hardware Writeblocker
  • Designed, developed and assembled in Germany
  • Available for SATA and USB
  • Works on any Operating System
  • No additional Software needed
  • External Power Supply
  • 5 Years Warranty


  • code


    Sinabis Analytics is proud to offer a complete toolstack for digital forensics, built entirely from our own proprietary code. From data acquisition to report generation, our toolstack is designed to streamline the entire forensic process and ensure accurate and reliable results. Our code is constantly being updated and improved, ensuring that our toolstack stays ahead of the latest technological advancements in digital forensics.

  • dns

    process / transform

    The importance of efficient data processing in digital forensics is essential. That's why we've developed powerful tools for transforming and processing digital evidence. Our software enables forensic analysts to quickly and easily extract and process data from a variety of sources.

  • query_stats


    Data Analysis plays a critical role in digital forensics. That's why we've developed advanced tools for analyzing digital evidence. Our software enables forensic analysts to quickly and easily identify patterns and correlations within large datasets, providing valuable insights into the data at hand. We also provide the Sinabis Analytics Inspector with special hardware if you want to analyse by yourself.

  • notes


    We ensure that all aspects of a forensic investigation are properly documented, making it the preferred choice for forensic professionals who need to maintain a complete and accurate record of their findings. Our forensic report is of course also usable in court and fulfills the most recent forensic standards.

About us

Sinabis Analytics GmbH

We are a forensic service provider that transforms plain data into an analyzable form. We're dedicated to providing the best products and services in the industry, and we're committed to helping our customers achieve their goals.

Sinabis Analytics also specializes in developing both hardware and software solutions for the forensic community. We understand the unique challenges faced by forensic professionals, and we have designed our products to address those challenges with innovative and effective solutions.

Our hardware and software products work together seamlessly, providing forensic professionals with the tools they need to perform their work with accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Whether you're conducting a complex forensic investigation, performing data acquisition, or simply managing and organizing your data, we have the products and expertise to help you succeed.


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