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The Sinabis Analytics GmbH provides services all around processing, exploring and analysing big data.


about us

about us

We are Sinabis Analytics

We are a forensics service provider that transforms your unstructured data (PDF, e-mail, etc.) into an analyzable form. We're dedicated to providing the best products and services in the industry, and we're committed to helping our customers achieve their goals.

Sinabis Analytics specializes in developing both hardware and software solutions for the forensic community. We understand the unique challenges faced by forensic professionals, and we have designed our products to address those challenges with innovative and effective solutions.

Our hardware and software products work together seamlessly, providing forensic professionals with the tools they need to perform their work with accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Whether you're conducting a complex forensic investigation, performing data acquisition, or simply managing and organizing your data, we have the products and expertise to help you succeed.

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