Data is at the heart of every digital investigation, and accessing it quickly and efficiently is essential. That's where the Sinabis Analytics Explorer comes in. Designed to be the ultimate tool for exploring data stored on mass storage devices, SAE provides a comprehensive solution for digital forensics. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, you can easily access, analyze, and extract data from any type of mass storage devices. Whether you're a law enforcement agent, IT professional, or computer forensic investigator, SAE provides you with the tools you need to uncover critical information and make informed decisions. Don't let your digital investigations be hindered by subpar software. Invest in the best and discover the power of the Sinabis Analytics Explorer today!


  • Connect external storage media
  • Browse forensic container formats (AD1 / E01)
  • Indexing file structures
  • Internal viewer component
  • Creates thumbnails of media
  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging

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We are delighted to offer our cutting-edge software, Sinabis Analytics Explorer, as a free download for Microsoft Windows 10/11 and GNU / Linux operating systems. SAE is a versatile tool designed to streamline and enhance the data exploration process for digital forensics professionals. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, SAE enables users to efficiently navigate, search, and analyze data stored on mass devices, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the evidence at hand. Download SAE now and experience the benefits of this invaluable tool that empowers investigators to extract crucial insights from digital media effortlessly.

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