Elevate your insights with the Online Demo of our Sinabis Analytics Inspector

In the fast-paced digital age, it's essential to have the right tools to analyze vast amounts of data in an efficient and accurate manner. That's where the Sinabis Analytics Inspector comes in. Designed with the latest technology and user-friendly interface, our software provides a comprehensive solution for digital forensic investigations. From analyzing large data sets to searching for specific keywords, SAI streamlines the forensic review process, allowing you to make informed decisions faster. Whether you're in law enforcement, corporate investigations, or private practice, SAI can help you uncover hidden information, quickly and efficiently. Discover the power of our Sinabis Analytics Inspector today!


  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging
  • Automated Topic Modeling
  • Communication Networks
  • Transcribing audio to text
  • Integrated translator
  • Export results with metadata

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Searching / Analyzing

The Sinabis Analytics Inspector takes the keyword search to another level.

  • Search emails / chats
  • Easy to handle
  • Generate your search terms with buttons
  • Tagging with shortcuts
  • No expertise needed
  • Extremly fast

Topic Modeling / Wordclouds

With the automaticly generated Wordclouds it is possible to get an overview at the communication topics.

  • Turns words into topics
  • Show similar items
  • Categories built with AI
  • Context based search algorithm
  • Browse the generated topics

Communication Network

With our communication network you get an overview about communication partners and their topics.

  • Who talks to whom
  • Find influencers
  • Show the nearest nodes
  • Get the topic of edges
  • Visualize your data


Use the Sinabis Analytics Inspector to analyze files and their structure.

  • Exploring your files
  • Filter by type, content and metadata
  • Showing native file content
  • See the original folder structure
  • Tag important files