Sinabis Analytics Inspector

We proudly created a tool called "SAI" that makes it possible to take a closer look at your data.

  • Exploring / Keyword search
  • Tagging
  • Automated Topic Modeling
  • Communication Networks
  • Transkribing audio to text
  • Integrated translator for EN/FR/NL
  • Export results with metadata

please contact us for further information.

Searching / Analyzing

The Sinabis Analytics Inspector takes the keyword search to another level.

  • Easy to handle
  • Generate your search terms with buttons
  • Tagging with shortcuts
  • No expertise needed
  • Extremly fast

Topic Modeling / Wordclouds

With the automaticly generated Wordclouds it is possible to get an overview at the communication topics.

  • Turns words into topics
  • Show similar items
  • Categories built with AI
  • Context based search algorithm
  • Browse the generated topics

Communication Network

With our communication network you get an overview about communication partners and their topics.

  • Who talks to whom
  • Find influencers
  • Show the nearest nodes
  • Get the topic of edges
  • Visualize your data


Use the Sinabis Analytics Inspector to analyze files and their structure.

  • Exploring your files
  • Filter by type, content and metadata
  • Showing native file content
  • See the original folder structure
  • Tag important files